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The analysis of Mobile phone battery explosion reason and the solution

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-08-29

How do you do ,all of my friends.

Today ,i am here to talk about a serious problem .Hoping you will learn something about that .

All of us were so familiar with the battery ,but do you know the battery explosion ? May be yes ,may be not . After all, that was a so terrible news .

In fact ,from the news ,we can know that there were so many people get the great harm from the battery explosion . That is no doubt that we have to pay much attentions to this serious problem .The detail reason as below :

For the phone battery explosion ,the real root is the battery itself .why ?As we know ,the battery have the original and the fake . And the quality is very different between them . But more people just pay attention to the price not the quality .

They would be so pleased to get such a battery with the cheapest battery . But gradually ,they will find the battery is very difficult to charge,or when charge ,the battery is very hot . Or when have a call ,play the games ,the battery would be also very hot .

First of all, we still have to speak of from the principle of the battery, because the most mobile phone batteries use lithium battery, and lithium metal elements is a kind of chemical properties due to the small size, large energy density, and another advantages ,which  enjoy the great reputations among the manufacturer .

But if the manufacturer used the bad quality lithium, the result would be unimaginable.For the original battery have double IC to protect the battery inside ,but  the fake would not have that . They can not have the function to protect the battery inside ,when charge, they will always overload ,that is the reason why they was get so hot . But the real original can control that ,they will occur the situations --charging overload . That is why the original battery  than the copy  quality ,that is the reason why the fake battery is so cheaper than the original .

The battery overcharge for a long time can also cause the battery .

The battery short circuit is also the important reason to cause the battery explosions . When the phone is in high temperature condition, or hit, or the metal friction, and so on ,which  will may cause the battery short circuit ,than the battery will  explode.

When we know the reason of battery explosions ,we show   know the solutions well .pls find the below :

1. using  the high quality battery, battery to use original battery

2. Using  the original battery, must avoid using fake batteries,   inferior battery,

3. When charging ,put the phone in the cool place .

4. When charging ,if u find the phone have abnormal  phenomenon ,pls get off the charge at once .

In short ,when choosing  the battery ,we have to choose the high quality original battery which have 2 double IC.

In fact , our company has been on original li-ion battery for  more than 10 years ,for we know the quality is the most important among all of the people . We always aim at “quality first”

Hoping you can lean more about the battery explosions  form what i talk about . Thank you for your kind reading .