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  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-08-31
Hi,my dear friend . my name is ocyclone .Have you ever heard of mine ? If you say never ,my heart is broken . In your eyes , do you think i am a beautiful girl ? or do you think i am a handsome boy? No No No . I am the name of a company . I am in shenzhen huaqiang north which is the biggest electronic market in the world . So it was my great honor . My boss use me 15 years ago . So let me talk about something happened to me 15 years ago .

I walk alone all over the world . and there was nobody knew me . and they knew   nothing about me . Everytime ,when i introduced myself ,they ignored that and do not care  about who i am . I was so sad and live  unhappily every day . Even though ,i was not a person ,i also want to live colorful and can be remembered by many many people ,i hope i  be somethin g that can cause everyone's attention. and hoping evryone can like me very much .

One day ,(15 years ago ),i came to shenzhe n Huaqiang north .Shenzhen ,it was so beautiful city ,the tall building,so many  cars . To my surprise, there were so may people in huaqiang north . And i find the people here was very busy and walk so quickly . So i want to find the reason and hoping someone can use me  .
I found there were so many electronic products in huaquiang north .For example : the mobile phone ,the phone accessories ,the computer and so on . and i heard someone say : Huaqiang north is the laargest electronic market in the world " OH ,i see why there are so many people in Huaqiang north. So i decide to be there forever .

I have been on shenzhen Huaqiang Noth for  more than 7 days ,and i still can not be found by someone . and the tears in my eyes . And than ,i found a couple were talking about something . They said : We have been in huaqiang noth for so many years ,we did the original phone accessories . But we just do the domestic
market,we should also have our own company and sell our phone accessories to all
over the world . Firstly , we should give the name of the company which can represent the modern information . So our company name should be-Ocyclone "

I was so excited for there are someone use my name to be a company . and there will have more and more people know me very well . So i can introdduce myself with the great honor . My name is ocyclone ,i was the name of company ,which are proffesional on original phone accessories ,for example :the original samsung charger ,the earphone ,the powerbank ,the phone case . The apple earphone ,charger and so on . There were more and more people join in our big family .They struggle for together .

After my introduction ,do you know who am i ? I am ocyclone . We sell the original phone accessories all over the world ,If you are interested in the original phone accessories ,welcome to contact with our company -ocyclone .