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Funnying ,you are so cute.

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-05
In fact ,our company is like a big family . We worked together. Whoever meet the difficulties ,we will try our best to help them solve the problem . Because we are a team,we are the united team .We worded hard together to make the great progress.And we know that :Team is the buildup of heart not that of people .

Later ,i will show you a funnying story which is from my colleague .

As you know ,our campany are professional on original phone accessories . We are the china sumsung charger ,earpods supplier,we are the original iphone battery ,charger supplier china . That is no doubt that we have so many preoducts : The data cable ,the charger ,the earphone ,the power bank ,the phone case and so on . As a sale man ,we have to know the products very well .Otherwise ,we can not introduce our goods to our customers well . But it is difficult for us to remember all of them clearly . How to do ? we are so upset .

She (carol )a cute girl who enjoy singing . To our surprise, she use the name of the products to make a song .The name is : The original phonee accessories -our songs . Even the lyric is long ,but when we listen to her,it sounds great . And our boss decided to usee the song to be our company songs . and all of us need to sing the song before start to work in the morning . When we sing the song ,and our boss will show us the related products so that we can remember them well and clearly . HAHA ,so funnying ,and my colleasgue is so cute and so smart .

Having the songs ,we would never worried about that we can not remember our products .That is great .HAHA .