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How to use car charger ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-09
Good day to you ,all of my friend .

Today ,we will talk about how to use the car charger .

May be some of you have been know how to use it ,but may be some of you have never seen the car charger .In fact ,it is normal. If i have not worked as phone accessories ,i think i would also do not know what is the card charger. And i would also think it is so magic .Ok ,let us get into the topic.
Let us take the usb charger as an example

1.put the usb power adapter into the cigar lighter,if the Indicator lights is on,it mean it is charging .

2.Using the USB cable and the adapter substitute ,put the mobile phone, MP3 or the standard USB products connected to the car USB power adapter ,which can realize the charging function .

Of course ,when you know to to use the car charger, it is also very important to know some attentions :

1.Only when the car start eo work can the car charger charge

2.Pls dot not use the card charger in the wet environment.

3.the suitable temprature is the 0-45

4.Have to get far rfrom thee children .

5.when finishing the charging ,pls remenber to pull the plug out .

Why can i know how to use the car charger and the attention problem ?In fact ,we are the  samsung car charger suppliers china, And our customer from all over the world . We are also the china samsung charger adapter supplier,and all of them are the original . For exmple :the samsung note 2 charger ,the samsung note 4 charger and so on .

Hoping after finish my writing ,all of you can know how to use the car charger .