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How to deal with the problem with our client ?

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-09
         How to deal with the problem with our client ?

Hey,this is carol form china,i am a saleman,everyday i will met all kinds of people,today,i want to slove problem with my client,who come from USA.When i open my computer,i saw a message which from my USA client,he have bought iphone original charger adapter from us 1 month agao,but now he have a problem with the iphone charger adapter,he said that adapter doesn't support the phone.when i heard that.i told him that is impossible,because we are the biggest original iphone charger supplier china,our charger are 100% original,i told he try again.i ask whether he bought another charger from china.he said yes.now the reason comes out.he use another charger to charging,but that charger is copy,not original,he mixed up our original travel charger.in the end,he is satisfied with our quality and service. 

Now i want to tell all of you how to distinguish the original charger and copy.there are different between original and copy.if you are charging it shows that charger doesn't support your phone,that means your charger is copy.on the contrary,the charger is original.

In fact,our company selling all kinds of phone accessories,