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How produced so-called original earpods

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-10

How produced so-called original earpods


There are so many kinds of apple earpods in the market,but how to distiguish the copy earpods and original.now i would like to tell somethings about that.

Copy apple earpods are similar with the original,a lot of people don't know how to distinguish them.even if they looks like original.but the are very important thing is that acoustical quality,original earphones has high tone quality.


At first,we can see the material of earphone,the copy earphone case is 1:1 high copy,they are a lot in the market,but original earphone case have another layer inside,which is for fixed cables and tuning of the role,this is the biggest different between the copy and original tone quality.


Second,we can see the copy earphones as follow:

original earphone case have another layer inside

High earphone


This is the line of control circuit, rough, but still can normal use.

This picture is the true machine apart

The next need to install the filter net


I do not know light to see the head, you can see is high copy??

Next is the choice of units and earpods unit is 14 mm. Two options

Resistance measurement unit

Installation, tuning

You need fixed ear plugs line, I choose fixed glue (can not knot, very affect earpods sound)

The so-called "original earpods" produced


Don't know friends saw this picture a few can see this is high copy?? Personal production level is limited, the factory will be more realistic. At this time requires everyone to polish eyes. Already on the market the paper unit. So the brothers before post to light will not be able to distinguish between completely. Now, the only difference is to block at the bottom of the out of the mouth. High copy of blocking the bass to reduce is not obvious, and the original basically bass disappeared.

Do you know what kind of earpods you used now ? original or high copy? Original apple earpods in high quality.don’t you think you need buy original earpods ?

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