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Do you know the practical apple accessories ?

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-12
Do you know the practical apple accessories ? 

Since the iPhone 6 listed has been more than four months,you are buy all the accessories ?if not,Now America market recemmoned the most popular iphone 6 accessories,i have listed as follows,you can check it for your reference. 

1.The Ollocip

Fuction:Olloclip lens can make the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus photography function and more perfect,It increases the drama and the visual perception of
photographs.Olloclip wide-angle lens can be easily widen the panoramic camera Angle; Macro lens can be taken to the more subtle texture object,The fisheye clap a photo of a broader field of vision, imaging is better. According to different iPhone,Olloclip supply different model,Because the iPhone thickness of each type,So could not common, pay special attention to when the choose and buy.

2.Lightning Cable.

Fuction:Apple's own produce of 2 meter charging cable,Connect the iPhone 6 and the computer's USB port to charge,Or can be connected to the Apple USB power adapter,Recharged from the socket.lightning cabl With the function of double sided available.

3.Apple mobile phone shell leather 

Fuction:Apple's leather mobile phone shell,make your phone looks more beautiful,Shell inside is soft micro fiber can protect mobile phone,even if the price litte high,Still pretty durable.

4.Mophie Juice Pack. 

Fuction:Juice Pack also called batery case.Juice Pack make your iphone 6 with full capacity all the time,It can prolong the battery life of 100%; The iPhone 6 Plus 60%.

5.Seidio Surface Case 

Fuction:there are a lof of color which you can choose.the Texture soft, convenient in hand,Seidio metal material brace (Kickstand) than the general quality of similar products feel better.

Do you know all of them ?

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