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Great positive energy,do you have ?

  • Author:crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-14
                                   Great positive energy,do you have ?

Good day ,every one !

Today ,let us talk about what is the great positive energy .

Do you like your work ? what is you job ? You work as a sale man ?You work as a waiter ?You worek as a accountant? ...

Do you like youre job ?When you work hard and finished your job ,are  u feel very happy ?When your leader ask you to do most of things ,will you feel upset and hate that ?When you meet some difficulties in your job ,do you have the idea of giving up ?

If you your answern is yes ,oh,that is too bad .  That means you have the negative energy. That is not good at all .That means you do not like your job ,you did not put your heart into your job .

In fact , as a person, we should have the great positive energy but not the negative energy.

Take me as a example . Our company are professional on phone accessories for more than 15 years ,that is no doubt that i have to be familiar with a lot of products ,there are so many models . When  facing that ,i am not feel upset , but i am very excited .That is because i can learn more . If i always think that :Oh ,that are so many products ,it is impossible for me to remember that . I will feel upset and
can not put my heart into my job ,that is too bad .But i never think the bad effect .

To your surprise ,we are the china original LG battery suppliers,china original iphone usb cable supplier,china original iphone battery supplier and so on  . and i always stuggle for my company ,i believe our company can do better and better .