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How to charging for a new battery ?

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-17

How do you do when you buy a new phone,which out of power ? do you know how to charging for a new battery ?okey,let me shows it to you .

We should pay attention to using a new li-ion battery,Battery placed after a period of time will enter a dormant state.at that time the capacity will be lower than the normal,so the using time will be short.but that li-ion battery easy to activate. you just need charging 3-5 times the normal charge and discharge cycle can activate the cell.it can be back to normal capacity.
Due to the characteristics of lithium battery itself,
Determines its almost no memory effect.From the start with a standard method of charging this way of "natural activation" is the best

A lot of poeple know that.when you using a new battery,you should charging over 12 hours,and do that in 3 times.in order to activate battery,in fact it is wrong method.long time charging for a li-ion battery has huge damaged.The best charging battery is according to the standard time and standard method.especially don't charging over 12 hours.

Have you do like that when using a new battery ? if not,ok.remember that.we shold know how to protect our original battery,so you can used it for a long time,otherwise,you need to buy original samsung s6 battery,original iphone 6 battery,and other original battery.
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