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The android mobile phone power fast? Consumes faster solution

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-22

Fast power has been a problem that the vast majority of smartphone users are headache, a goal is now many mobile phone manufacturers to work together, that power faster Andrews phone how to do it? In fact, this is not only concerned with the mobile phone battery life, but also with all the usual habits with the machine, the following Xiaobian summed up Android phones fast power solutions, starting from the consumption habits to improve everyone's situation.

1, the data is not closed, in the use of the process, and then we access, network data or wifi has not been shut down, thus resulting in still running in the background. So we still need to take power. Small advice, disable data when you dig into the data closed off, otherwise the flow is still only consume, but also the loss of power.

2, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted to the best, so the system will automatically identify where the environment can also affect power consumption yo.

3 In addition, when positioning, Bluetooth and other functions not used are closed off phone power consumption also can improve the speed of it.

4, proceeding more, the phone's CPU should have been kept in a running state, the standby state and the operating state, of course, is the standby power to a number of relatively, so we must first develop a readily close some applications habits, not let applications directly runs silently in the background.

5. Finally, we can download and install a power assistant, so that can improve power consumption rate friends.

All of the above is a summary of today's Android phones power quick solution, want they have a good experience with the machine, then you can come to understand through this article, I hope to help everyone.

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