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How to indentify the original charger?

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-23

Then we must talk about the battery and its associated charger up. Similarly, if the dealer to give you a gift extra charger, you should carefully check, do not be happy dazzled. Chargers now very serious fraud, many businesses will put the original charger from its box, replace rough inferior fake charger, so this part we still do not take it lightly.

Whether charger or travel charger, in his hand will feel very thick (note not thick), surface smooth, no glitches, battery installation and removal are easy, there is no pretend not to go up or take down the case, charging the temperature rises within the normal range, will not feel hot. Charger and battery contact metal contacts also can not have friction or across the scene. And generally the original cradle and travel charger will have the original logo, origin and precautions printed these words well, Labelling is also very standard, will not be in disorder.

If you put a battery you will find, in the absence of power, genuine charger will not charge indicator light will be from red to green when charging is complete; false cradle is not, at the same time into the battery charging LED will turn red, and no matter how long the electrical charge indicator is not green. Although we can not disassemble the charger when purchasing study (hey, this will be cold sweats profiteers), but as long as we observe carefully, carefully compare, counterfeit products will exhibit a prototype under our eyes.
A charger is small, but it has to maintain our normal use of mobile phones, even our personal lives and safety has great significance.

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