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Four bogey and four-step if your mobile in water

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-25

I believe many people have mobile water experience, whether it is clothes, playing in the water, or rain and so is likely to cause the phone to water, how after the mobile water treatment, now to introduce a mobile phone after flooding the four-step and four bogey!


Four steps:

The first step: first rescued from the water after the cell phone, the fastest remove the battery.

Step two: the mobile phone SIM card is removed, dry with paper towels, then dry in a dry place.

The third step: to find a hair dryer with cold wind and twelve hours, and then fan blowing on day and night, and then put into a dry place day and night. If different useless, directly placed in ventilated and dry place to dry, try to boot after three days. (Hand if disassemble tool, it is best to open the phone, the phone dry the components separately, the better).

Step Four: In general, if not soak in water for too long time, you can get the basic three steps above. If we do not row, it may be a bad motherboard, it is necessary to repair the station as soon as possible to deal with.

Four bogey:

The first bogey:? Blown hot hair dryer or sun exposure easily lead to deformation of the circuit board.

The second bogey: You can not press the OFF button off, because a press shutdown button, the phone will power work, it is a short circuit may occur, could easily lead to phone motherboard damage.

Third avoid: Do not frequently boot test. Minimum wait 24 hours before loading the battery and switch look at the situation.

Fourth bogey: not move the phone before airing any key, to prevent short-circuiting damage your phone.

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