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Do you know the base tips to use the battery ?

  • Author:crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-26

1.For the battery ,if it was not used by a long time or the maintenance of the battery was not suitable , its metal contacts for oxidation phenomenon, will lead to the automatic shutdown of the phone or call automatically when disconnected, so it is better for you to clean the connector before using

2. after new battery 3-5 full charge and discharge cycles, its chemicals are all within the "activation", to achieve the best results.

3.if the fake charger not charging properly, will affect the standby time and shorten the battery life.

4. refurbished machines, two mobile phone has the potential to power, the standby time is short.

5. different models of mobile phone power consumption also varies, and cell phone to vibration mode also increases power and reduces standby time.

6. environmental temperature also has an effect on cell phone battery capacity, low temperature releases much less energy than normal, so winter outdoor cell phone use in the North, standby time will be shorter. Low-temperature self-discharge, large amount of high-temperature self-discharge, high temperatures will affect the standby time.

7.and if the mobile phones was in weak signal areas, power consumption is higher, the shorter the battery life.

8. the full battery of idle, stored its power will decrease power through natural wastage.

9. battery in the long-term preservation of materials such as metals, should be avoided when placed together.

10. do not dispose of the battery in fire, beware of exploding. Do not use metal contacts battery polarity, in case of battery explosions.

11. Please put in the box when not in use to save battery and storage at a temperature of 20. C to 25. C environment, helps to maintain battery performance
So we should know how to take good care to the battery use . Hoping it is useful for my writing .

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