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Six kinds of health hazards calling habits easily!

  • Author:crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-27

Six kinds of health hazards calling habits easily!

First, private phone "hid in a corner quietly said." For the telephone involve private content, many people like to hide in the corner of the building to answer. Under normal circumstances, signal coverage corner of the building is rather poor, and therefore to a certain extent, so that cell phone radiation power increases. For the same reason, when Language elevator and other small, enclosed environment, cell phones should also be careful.

Second, the phone hung around the neck or waist. Mobile phone radiation range is a mobile phone-centric endless belt, the distance between the phone and the body determines the extent of radiation absorbed by the body. Thus, people with mobile phones need to maintain "distance of the United States." Medical experts have pointed out, heart failure, arrhythmia people especially not put the phone hung on the chest. If the phone often hang beside the body's waist or abdomen, it may affect reproductive function. More healthy and safe way is to put the phone on the carry-on bag, and Bing as possible on the outer package in order to ensure good coverage.

Third, when dialed the phone close to the ear. Mobile outgoing calls but not turned on, the radiation will be significantly enhanced, and you should let the phone away from the head, an interval of about five seconds after the call.

Fourth, cell phone signal weaker, the closer ear. When the cell phone signal becomes weak, many people will instinctively try the phone close to the ear. However, according to the phone works, the signal is weak, the phone will automatically increase the transmission power of electromagnetic waves, such that the radiation intensity increased significantly. At this point put his ear close to the head by radiation will be doubled.

Five, "an ear" pot "mobile porridge." Studies have shown that prolonged continuous radiation may cause brain affected. Experts suggest that should not use mobile phones for extended conversations, consider switching to a fixed phone or use a headset, if we had a long talk with the phone directly, it should rotate every twelve minutes left ear answer.

Sixth, the East West Akira walking, frequent moving. Some people like a cell phone while walking Fangbu unconsciously, often moving around, but I do not know the location of the frequent movement can cause the received signal strength fluctuations, giving rise to unnecessary short-term high-power transmitter. Furthermore, a cell phone in a moving vehicle, when it may be a region in order to avoid too frequent switching, and designated high-power base stations cover a wider range of service, which is due to increased transmission power transmission distance increases.

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