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Using the Lamp discharging phone battery repair

  • Author:carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-09-28
The average cell phone battery is used in more than a year will feel the phone battery capacity has been far better than it once was. Sometimes even a battery charge on the full, with less than one minute no electricity, the battery is not the case in respect of Soul trash? Is there any way to fix it?    

You can use the lamp discharge method to repair the battery. Use a flashlight bulb with about 3.6V. Where you want to repair the phone battery poles deep discharge (do not worry mobile phone battery short-circuit and other reasons, because there are battery protection circuit), the discharge into the bulb does not this far, and then find a seat for 10 seconds rechargeyour and then discharge, cycle this action until the light bulb for a short time so far! This time to conduct a full charge, this time, you will find full charging time is longer than the previous lot. The longer the time required for the battery is full, indicating that the recovery of the better!     

This method has a significant effect for most of the battery, but the effect is the effect of some cells did not, but the method is very simple, try it anyway!