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America invented a can to prevent the phone lost phone accessories

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-04

Lost cell phone for people is a normal thing again, because now the phone to bigger and thinner, bigger and smaller trends, lost cell phone will become more frequent, which people use mobile phones both economic loss but also to a lot of people bring unnecessary trouble.

Recently, in the US state of Oklahoma, a new electronics company in the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show introduced a similar biscuit size of this "phone chain." It is independent of Bluetooth devices beyond the phone, leave the phone in the owner about 9 meters away, mobile phone chain will be "automatic alarm" to alert the owner!       


This corporate CEO Laurie Penny Kos told, this is a friend of her husband lost his third phone after her inspired to invent a can automatically retrieve the phone's settings, but today has become a reality !        The principle of this device is devised by the principle of Bluetooth wireless "phone chain", if out of the Bluetooth cell phone outside the range, it can not search the phone information, it will shake, flash and a voice prompt. This is the world's first wireless "phone chain", is expected to be available this summer, the price is probably around $ 80.


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