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How to distinguish Samsung original charger between true and false

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-04

Samsung saw a black market in direct charge, screw the SHCS, the label for the silver aluminum paper, printed with model number, serial number, place of origin and production date and other information. The difference is, is the line travel charger plug is flat two-pin plug, Port behavior flat pin plug. The water change machine with the travel charger labeled in English, the above table Note the model number, serial number, place of origin.


Whether mainstream, parallel, the original direct charge of the power lines are relatively soft, smooth, feel good, above the English identity. In the charging plug two concave facets, have convex black numbers and letters, the height of less than 1 mm. Moreover, the charging plug is composed of two parts, the gap between the upper and lower bound very tightly, no feathering, charging plug at both ends of the small gray leaf spring uniform intensity. False direct charge, if the work is good, just from the charging plug has been difficult to distinguish the authenticity, but the false direct charge of the power cord looks very bright, very hard, the power line have Pinyin, as long as careful inspection, is completely You can discern true and false.


The market there is a white direct charge, which is the new Samsung phone charger produced new plug part is oval, you do not see the direct charge of the black hexagonal screws up, on a screw hidden in the label below the lineIt is white, and to identify methods of charging plug direct charge with almost black.


Now too many fake charger, all kinds, and some fake workmanship is very good, it is difficult to distinguish, but as long as you used or seen the original charger easier, than the original fake plug transformer section to sink more, take his hand a weigh know, fake light of the powerful if you compare two stand distinguish between true and false. 

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