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iPhone without having to press the OFF button alternative shutdown method

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-07

iPhone cell phone use for a long time and can lead to use of some problems, such as the power button is broken iPhone, many users do not know how to shut down. Since the iPhone uses one body design, non-removable battery, and therefore can not be achieved through the broken off. So how bad iPhone shut off button? It also asks a recent issue of small series. In fact, by means iOS system Assistive Touch function without shutdown button, can still achieve shutdown, the following are specific settings tutorial.

First, enter the iPhone Settings -> "General" settings,

Second, then enter the "Accessibility" settings and then click "Assistive Touch" open iPhone gestures, when enabled, there will be a small dot on the phone screen

Third, and finally we click on the little dots, you can see many gestures Options, including the lock screen, rotate the device, the volume control. . Here we click the "Device" button -> Lock Screen -> Finally press "Lock Screen" for about three seconds, you will see the "slide to power off" prompt, we can shut down a slide operation

Through the above three simple steps, we can achieve the iPhone alternative shutdown, without the need to use the power button to shut down entirely. But it is worth mentioning that, iPhone off button is broken, it can achieve more than the Assistive Touch screen off

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