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how charging faster for iphone ?

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-07

1, charge off more quickly

First, the easiest way is to phone off, run programs or avoid unnecessary use of network information battery. Of course, this method is suitable for the temporary need to receive incoming calls or SMS friends.

2. "flight mode" Charge

Flight mode ", no network signal, avoiding unnecessary battery consumption, to a certain extent, can increase the charging speed. When this method is charging, the phone will not normally receive calls and text messages. This user needs attention.

3. Select the original charger

When charging iPhone, with original mobile phone charger can quickly charge, after his first wife was the most awesome thing.

4, through faster charging socket

When iPhone charging socket can be charged, rather than by computer USB port, so that a higher charging efficiency

5, the election of the charging cable is also critical

When you use the same charger, data cable if different, the phone's charging speed really is will be different. Therefore, when given the beloved wife of the best selection of iPhone charging cable.

6, do not wait until the power is low Charge

 Do not wait until the power is low even when iPhone is off before charging, because lithium batteries have no memory effect, do not deliberately trying to discharge, when the charge on the charge.

7, USB computer charging do not sync iTunes

When the iPhone via USB computer charging, it is best not sync with iTunes, which can shorten the iPhone charging time, increase the charging speed.

8. Remove the phone sets

In order to protect the beloved iPhone, a lot of fruit powder will give the iPhone coupled with mobile phone sets. However, lithium batteries are sensitive to heat, the charging time may have a fever, which can be removed during charging mobile phone sets.

9, it is best to choose a cool environment charge

 Lithium is the span of the phone when charging iPhone, iPhone can be placed in the shade, so easy to heat, lower the temperature charging efficiency can be improved to a certain extent on the.

10, with the iPad charger can also accelerate charged

When the iPhone charged directly with the iPad charger to charge iPhone, it is a good idea, so you can accelerate the charging speed.

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