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When Apple Watch with iPhone Pairing failure,how should we do ?

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-08

When Apple Watch with iPhone Pairing failure ,how should we do ?Buy Apple Watch but paired with the iPhone what a failure it was a disappointing thing ah. Apple Watch In addition to basic functions, almost all of the ability to be connected in order to play with the iPhone, but Apple Watch and iPhone connection is nothing less than two ways: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If your iPhone and Apple Watch in the same Wi-Fi network (or connection to the iPhone to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot), so long as the signal is present, the two sides are far away.

Two other equipment necessary to connect via Bluetooth, and Bluetooth connection distance is about 30 feet (9 meters), more than this distance, it will be disconnected from each other. Just the other day, I had experienced such a problem with my iPhone and Apple Watch has been in the same Wi-Fi network, and the distance is less than one meter, eventually disconnected. Although I do not know why this would happen, but I know how to solve this problem. If you have encountered the same problems as me, try my method to quickly repair.

If there is a disconnect icon, then you should first start at the flight mode, and then try to reconnect. 1, brush from Apple Watch interface to the bottom; 2. Slide until the control center; 3, find the icon to start the airplane flight mode; 4. Click again to close flight mode; Then Apple Watch it should reset the Bluetooth connection and resynchronize.

Reset Bluetooth

If the above method does not work, then try to turn off the iPhone Bluetooth, and then reopen it.

1. Find the iPhone's settings;

2. Click "Bluetooth";

3, turn off Bluetooth;

4, and then open the Bluetooth;

5, try again with the iPhone Apple Watch pairing;

If the above two methods will not work, so you can then try more methods, such as the device is restarted, this problem will be solved after the restart normally. We also met some Apple Watch and iPhone Bluetooth connection is normal, but Wi-Fi connection is not the problem. And my solution is to ignore the iPhone and Apple Watch previous Wi-Fi, and then were to find reconnect, will solve this problem. These problems do not occur frequently, not everyone will encounter. But if you really have this problem, may wish to try the method I give, this can save a lot of time to avoid some trouble for you

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