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10 strokes teach you how to use AppleWatch

  • Author:Carol
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  • Release on :2015-10-09

How to complete in Apple's latest smart watches AppleWatch advanced open application, complete and efficient payments, using the map navigation and other functions: The following is for everyone to sort out some of the major operating skills.AppleWatch is one of Apple's new product: not only because it is a smart watch, more importantly, because of its method of operation with the iPhone, iPad or Mac is slightly different.AppleWatch configured with a touch screen, but it's a touch screen without the double-finger zoom function: But it's a touch screen with a pressure sensing function. This watch is equipped with a microphone, but users need to learn how to activate it. Watch the front no home key, but the sides have a digital crown (DigitalCrown), it is the same as the wheels can rotate, its role is equivalent to the Home key. Watches side there is a flat button, its function is not only a power button, you can also perform other operations.In use AppleWatch weeks later, I found out some basic skills gestures, hope by sharing my use experience, can help other users to solve some confusion in the use AppleWatch encountered.


1.    Slide down: NoticeAppleWatch most eye-catching is its dial, the dial screen, slide down, users can see a list of notifications, which as with iPhone, will show missed calls, text messages, app notifications, etc. list. Users can click on to view the information, you can also choose to ignore.

2.     Slide up: GlancesGlances Apple designed an interface feature that allows users to quickly view the part of the message at the same time multiple applications. Users simply on the screen, slide occurs Glance Interface: You can see the battery life, music control, fitness tracking function is activated. Sliding around can view all detailed message, tap to open the application.

3.     Push crown: Home keyAppleWatch positive no home key, but the side like a wheel as a rotatable digital crown (DigitalCrown), its function is equivalent to home page button. Click on the crown, the user interface for all applications to enter the show: these applications look like one circle. Press the crown, you can return the dial interface. When you open up an application, click, the user can return all application interfaces. Operation encountered confusion, the user can click on the crown.

4.    4. Press the crown: Activate SiriPress the crown or a loss, can help Siri (voice assistant). Press the crown, you can activate Siri. Users say the problem out, and then let go. Users can open an application by voice command, or check the weather, movie times, and so do the math Siri can usually solve the problem (watch some requests can not be completed, Siri will tell the user can be done through the iPhone).

5.     pushing down the screen: View menus and options HideAppleWatch is equipped with a pressure-sensitive touch screen, and slide it in addition to supporting operations such as clicking, you can also identify the finger pressing efforts, and respond accordingly. AppleWatch many applications will have to hide the menu and the additional options; push hard at the screen, these hidden menus and additional options will appear.In music applications, press hard on the screen brings up the shuffle, wireless headset connectivity options. In the map application, the user can press hard on the screen to bring up the option to search sites. On the dial interface, pushing down the screen, call up the custom settings option. If the user does not press hard on the screen carefully, do not worry, you can click to undo the crown.

6.     Push the flat buttons: quick access to frequently used contacts

Want to quickly find friends and family and other common contact, the user can press the crown next to a large digital flat button, then select a contact through the crown of the wheel, you can place a call or send information and other operations

7, double press flat button: ApplePayAnother key feature is the flat open payment system Apple "key", a continuous double-click the credit card icon will appear on the screen. Users to watch near ready ApplePay credit card terminals, you can complete the payment, and do not need to enter a password or fingerprint, just wear a watch on the line.

8, press flat keys: off, locked watches or start a power saving modeThe main function of the flat key is the power button: Press the flat keys, three options will appear: The user can select Off (long press on it again to boot), lock the watch (need to enter the password to unlock), or into the "power mode "power saving mode, in addition to the watch display, other features are turned off (remind you, if a user starts a power-saving mode, it takes a long flat button is pressed again to restart AppleWatch).

9, double-press digital crown: return to the previous application This feature saves the user's time, for example, you are using the map navigation, but suddenly received a text message, and then you return to the map, but do not want to return to the application interface for all applications to find a map, then you just need to double click Digital the crown can return the map interface. And then double-click the crown, but also to return to another user application, which is the most sorted AppleWatch detached multi-tasking capabilities.

10, hand to cover the screen: the watch will enter silent mode When the user in some cases inconvenient to answer the phone or check new messages can handle cover screen for a few seconds, the watch will enter silent mode. Raising his hand next time the user can activate the dial interface again.

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