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Apple Watch how power? 6 strokes let you two days

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-10

Apple Watch is probably the most intelligent watches worth buying, but obviously not perfect. One of the biggest drawbacks is the battery life in general. Although Apple's official claiming to provide a "day endurance", but if you frequently use, you will find it only persist for about 10 hours. So, we can pass some energy-saving means to try to extend the use of time Apple Watch.

1. Turn on the power reserve mode

This mode is actually equivalent to the phone's "power saving mode", after opening Apple Watch will become a piece of electronic table display time, the longest battery life can be realized about two days.

2. Using a simple dial

Use color monotone, animation less dial, nature does not require too much computing processor, so in theory but also more energy efficient.

 3. Use Grayscale mode

If you pursue extreme battery life, may wish to use Apple Watch grayscale mode, naturally some of the more power.

4. Turn on the Do Not Disturb mode

Open Do Not Disturb mode, it is possible to prevent Apple Watch the screen automatically when it receives notification on, achieve energy-saving effect. Of course, this seems to have lost their original purpose of the second screen device.

5. Close the animation

Like with the iPhone, we can turn off animations Apple Watch to conserve power. In the end Apple Watch iPhone application, you can in the "General" - found "reduce animation" option "secondary" project.

6. Close Taishou display time function

Apple Watch provides a function of raising his hand to display the time, but because of the decision problem of the sensor, often open (for example, you pick up the cup to drink) when not needed. Therefore, it may turn it off in the settings, use double-click the screen lit the way

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