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  • Author:Carol
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  • Release on :2015-10-10
chat-up line ,i believe most of you know that . So today let us talk about some chat-up line ,which would be useful .


Canadian bars and pubs are an oasis of delirium, frustration, and single people. They offer a comfortable environment to relax, drink, and – if done correctly – work your way into a relationship if only for a little while.

Do you mind holding my Molson Canadian while I buy you yours

Did you fall from heaven, and were the injuries covered by our healthcare?” Social, universal healthcare is always funny. Ask the United States


Universities are a hive of frenzied passions, unadulterated inhibitions, and youthful naivety. In other words, it’s the perfect place to try some of these lines.

If it’s a music class, say, “Do you like Justin Bieber?” There’s only one answer to this question, so it’s an easy discussion to set up. There’s a small chance that they’ll say yes, though. If they do, then turn away. I have just saved you from making a horrible decision

And last of all, if it’s a political science class, say, “At least I’m not Stephen Harper.” The fact that you’re not Canada’s increasingly unpopular Prime Minister probably won’t hurt your chances.

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