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  • Author:Carol
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  • Release on :2015-10-12
When most people think of an American university experience though, they probably are thinking of Hollywood films like Animal House and Old School and speaking from experience, a large public university is where you will experience that kind of lifestyle. With thousands of teeming students living in a virtual city of young adulthood, you will see the typical array of fraternity and sorority students decked out in their Greek letters, and occasionally on weekend nights, in a bed sheet doubling as a toga. You’ll see scores of hulking football players towering over normal students on their way to class as well as facing off in a sea of green grass against your school’s rivals.


But you’ll also see students sitting around discussing Victorian literature and throwing around a Frisbee in the quad. Weekend nights are celebrated by the occasional (or more than occasional, if you prefer) drunken debauchery and trouble-making followed by a late-night sojourn to the local greasy spoon. The American college is a collection of groups and activities catering to any and every interest under the sun. From politics, to media, to sports and everything in between the American college’s specialty is in the fact that it is all-inclusive. Universities in the United States really and truly have something for everybody.