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What is the function of samsung note edge ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-28

What is the function of samsung note edge ?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge curve is actually a separate rectangular screen used to display notifications, newsletters and other information. Outside because it is separate from the main display, does not interfere with the current main job.

In addition, with the official Samsung Galaxy Note Edge protectors, curved screens can even with the home screen turned off, displays a variety of information. Samsung currently lists 5 curved display work done and advantage.

Like: in game among without exit game, or switch to main screen, on can view various information; and user can himself set shortcut icon, to fast started application; also has is displayed brightness, and timing, and flashlight, and recorder, common tool icon; IV is displayed stock price, and weather forecast, dynamic information; five is let user using handwriting pen, in song side screen Shang for simple records. Very convenient

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