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What is NFC function ?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-10-29
  Full name of Near Field Communication NFC English, short-range wireless communications. Is sponsored by Philips, Nokia, Sony and other manufacturers combined to push one of the wireless technology. Not long ago, by a number of companies, universities and users to set up a pan-European Union, aims to develop NFC's open architecture, and to promote its application in the phone. NFC contactless radio frequency identification (RFID),

  connectivity and technology evolved, on a single chip with inductive card reader, induction card and point to point functionality, within a short distance to identification and data exchange with compatible devices. This technology was initially simple merging of RFID technology and network technology, has now evolved into a short-distance wireless communication technologies, development fairly quickly.
Is different from the RFID, NFC has a two-way connection, and identify characteristics of 13.56MHz frequency range, the distance of about 10 cm. NFC technology in ISO 18092, ECMA 340 and promoted under the framework of the ETSI TS 102 190 standardization, but also compatible with the widely used ISO 14443 Type-A, standard b and Felica contactless smart card infrastructure.
NFC chips mounted on a mobile phone, mobile phones can realize small electronic payment information and other NFC devices or labels. NFC short-range interaction greatly simplify the identification process, enables electronic devices to access each other more directly, more security and more clearly. By NFC, computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA and other devices can be quickly and easily connected wirelessly, and to Exchange data and services.

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