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Apple will provide a brand new maintenance plans

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-30
Apple will provide a brand new maintenance plans, iPhone users may not complete repairs in the Apple Store, but to a shop repair centre, during which users can get an iPhone 16GB version 6 as a standby machine. The plan is expected to look on the United States, Europe and Japan markets.

It is reported that "genius bar" staff will be on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone when iPhone 6s and 6 Plus Plus for maintenance, will be to determine whether it meets the following conditions: the iPhone cannot connect to iTunes via computer; iPhone repair does not power on; iPhone cannot cross the Apple logo at boot time.

If the above three conditions, Apple staff will suggest to the shop for repairs due to fix these problems in the Apple Store retail stores will take up a lot of time, which can be used to solve other problems. If a user agrees to send its iPhone to outside repair center for diagnosis and repair, maintenance period the user will get a iPhone version 16GB 6 take up. Apple expects outside repair center will take 3 to 5 business days to complete the repair process.

The "genius bar" operation, allowing users to take their iPhone to send out a repair center for diagnosis, repair and may even be replacing is a major change, which means that users encounter problems that will have to wait for up to a week's time, at the same time take up a small basic iPhone. Store employees said the "genius bar" inside a new automated system will determine whether the iPhone needs to be off into a repair center, this means site staff decision-making power will be resumed. The new plan will be piloting mechanisms, not necessarily at Apple stores around the world widely.

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