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A Simple way to test whether the battery works or not

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-03
It is said that there is a simple test method to determine whether the battery has power: battery thrown on the floor, no electricity the battery will pop up. But this approach has been questioned by some degree, many people believe that it does not have any scientific basis. Now, the United States a study by Princeton University researchers finally put the matter to a conclusion. Research report has been published in the United Kingdom the weekly journal of materials chemistry.

United States Science website reported on April 11, this study shows that battery power more, jump higher. In the measurement process, researchers from a plexiglass tube batteries thrown down, and write down their bounce height. After the battery is used up half, bounce height can stabilized.

Most of the primary batteries consist of two parts: the side is a manganese dioxide cathode, one side containing gelatinous zinc and potassium hydroxide positive electrode no charge for standard alkaline batteries because it contains the base name.

When connected to the two poles of a battery, zinc will react with the hydroxide positive electrode, releasing electrons flow to the anode of the manganese dioxide, which produces electricity. In this process, a variety of chemical substances will react to form zinc oxide or another form of manganese oxide. After all the zinc reacts, there will be no material to generate a current, the battery will run out.

Form around particles of zinc oxide of zinc makes gel-like substance in the battery slowly harden. This substance is closely aligned with the beginning of the particle, while the oxidation processes in particle form tiny bridges, the resulting material as if it were a set of connected Springs, enabling it to bounce up.

However, the battery will charge half level reached "maximum bounce height" Although the battery was still more zinc oxide, but the bounce height but have stabilized.

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