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Anti-blue phone screen protective,how to protect eyesight ?

  • Author:carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-10
With the development of the digital era, smart phones have become a common household items, leading to a variety of factors eye disease, injury phone screen is not to be underestimated. World Health Organization WHO love eyes Association has announced: 2006-2008 because blue radiation, more than 30,000 people worldwide each year resulting in blindness, and issued an orange alert at the end of 2009: "Blu-ray radiation potential implicit threat to humanity will be far more than the Sudan red, melamine, SARS (SARS), H1N1, destruction, virtually swallowed people's eyes. " According to medical authorities released data show that China's existing more than 500 million blind people, nearly ten million people with low vision. 22.78% incidence of myopia students, middle school students was 55.22%, up 70.34 percent of high school students. More alarming is that, because of high myopia blindness who has reached over 30 million people. Therefore, prevention and treatment of child and adolescent myopia more for students, parents and community concern.

Blue, not blue light, but refers to a wavelength of 400-500 nm high energy visible light, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy that can penetrate the lens to reach the retina, causing optical damage, accelerated oxidation macular cells, put the popular point is cause eye myopia. According to a survey reported by Japan's NHK display, Blu-ray band 350-500 computers, smart phones and other LCD screens emit blue light is the cause eye fatigue, disrupted sleep rhythm, the key influence health. Blu-ray and ultraviolet light from the screen to the eye particularly long-term damage to the fundus of light, may cause inflammation of the retina and retinal hyperemia induced cataracts, triggering becomes convex lens to produce myopia.

Anti-blue phone screen protective film from consumer habits to proceed, using medical professional anti Blu-ray technology, the mobile phone protective film conducted in-depth research. Anti-blue phone screen protective film, from the selection to do the stringent requirements, a special process to membrane surface anti blue light treatment, high energy shortwave blue light emitted from the phone screen absorption and transformation, thereby blocking blue light, causing the eye to avoid it injury, and thus achieve the effect of anti-myopia eye. While preventing UV-reflecting damage to the skin. Anti-blue phone screen protective film to help us isolate harmful light eyes open and the phone screen, the better to protect their eyes. Of course, in addition to a protective film for our mobile phones equipped with anti-blue, on the diet, but also eat more vegetables, lutein supplement, vitamin and zeaxanthin to enhance the antioxidant capacity of the eye, thereby improving the health of our eyes .

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