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What should you do when you meet that ?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-11-13
First, in the case of power fell into the water, which generally do not need to disassemble.
1. power outage as soon as possible.
2. dry, but don't use machines to get rid, dump water out of the idea to the screen. If left in the screen drops traces will be dry.
3. put lamps, spotlights and mild heat make water slowly dispersed. This process takes more than six hours. Not eager to use hair dryers and other strong sources of heat. Blow will be ruined.
After this three-step treatment, plugged in the basic work.

Second, in the case of power failure falls into no corrosive liquids.
1. dry, but don't leave the machine off.
2. If the LCD does not have any traces, 1th 3rd treatment.
3. If there is residue on the screen and is very serious, 1th 3rd article do not handle because of such electronic circuit to work properly, but the screen may be very ugly. Can be sent to the nearest service department or their own hands on the machine and cleaned up. (Poor abilities or give a professional fix it)

Third, in the power fell into the non-water, or whether power fell into a corrosive liquid or viscous liquids or other cleaning liquids.

1 as soon as power
2 If you are falling into the corrosive liquid (such as water) and rinse with machines. Or take the machine into the water and managed to keep the internal analysis of the corrosive liquid dilute.
3 the machine as soon as possible. But when you disassemble it slowly.
4 washing machine water clean with alcohol or professional.
5 assembling. Or take you apart the whole stack to the service point. Service point once again cleaned and assembled for you.

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