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Some simple way to save the cell phone power

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-14

Firstly,on-screen display
Reduce the brightness of the screen, you can effectively save energy, especially Motorola Android phone so far for the TFT screen, automatically locks the screen setting shorter time will also bring some energy savings.

Second, reducing the background running programs
Whatever useful useless like many Android software running in the background, it will undoubtedly increase CPU task switching time, of course, since the Android system design, software does not automatically exit, you can use third-party gadgets to solve, such as mobile phone optimized master of memory consolidation function.

Thirdly , turn off dynamic wallpaper, reducing desktop widget
Android system in desktop Shang has is powerful of function, dynamic wallpaper and appWidget small plug-in are is power consumption large, if using a static of pictures as Android wallpaper will province many power, while many desktop small plug-in are is background long-term run, like weather, and information, and contains seconds of clock or system information real-time displayed of small plug-in are compared fee electric, according to need can reduced some better.

Fourthly , WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, g-sensor
For intelligent phone for, usually without WiFi Shi must don't forget close it, while in lock screen Shi as using WiFi dormant function, while Bluetooth also to disabled off, GPS positioning due to need real-time received satellite signal is fee electric, if is not navigation Shi must don't forget has close, for gravity induction for due to internal of hardware need moments collection data, while screen of anyway switch are is is fee electric of operation.

Of course ,i beleive you can also know more ways to find the way to save the cell phone power .Welcome your kind share too .