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Samsung Galaxy S5 teach you to identify genuine and fake batteries

  • Author:carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-17
S5 Samsung mobile phone market for months, ShangXi already have fake battery, accidentally see friends Samsung s5 battery true and false identification method, based on the experience with this method light, if in the current method to test on genuine plus more perfect

1, based on the weight According to Samsung official parameters, s5 whole weight is 146.5g, bare metal to the battery weight is 101.5g It can calculate the real battery is 45g, this moment also got high imitation fake batteries, really not much different appearance So we still weigh the safest

2 scan two-dimensional code True battery can sweep out two-dimensional code corresponding cell of sn (However, this method will be with the future js technology, two-dimensional code can be swept out, such as note3 fine imitation batteries have been it, but my hand this fake s5 battery, sweep out the current method of two-dimensional code feasible, the safest way is to weigh.

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