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The fast charging method for Iphone

  • Author:carol
  • Release on :2015-11-18
This year launched iPhone 6s / 6s Plus still does not have the quick charge function, which makes many iPhone fans are very disappointed. Do you also think that iPhone charging too slow a little bit? It does not matter, the following recipe may make you faster charging charge

Off charge or flight mode charge    
If you hurry to go out, but really nothing else to do in a short time, may wish to recharge iPhone after shutdown. IPhone charging speed is much faster than that turned down after shutdown. Also, if you do not shut down, then turn airplane mode on the charging rate can be effectively improved.

Use iPad charging head        

iPhone comes pre-charging head are 5W, provide 1A at 5V of power. If you have an iPad, you can get it bundled 10W or 12W charging up for the iPhone charging, at the same voltage, amperage electricity will be promoted by more than 2 times will be faster charge full iPhone6Plus / 6sPlus.

Try not to use a computer charge     

Computer charging charging head faster than using more slowly, if you want fast charge, it is best not to use the computer to charge iPhone, or plug in the charging head better.

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