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Why play the phone explode while charging

  • Author:carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-19
Why do so many mobile phones are charged at the time of the fire explosion? First, be sure that there are some cell phone caught fire during charging, explosive and even lead to the user electrocution cases, though not common. The reason is complex and diverse, here we come to analyze.

First, the general mobile phone charger maximum output voltage of 3.7V-5V, AC voltage is 220V, will design the transformer and low voltage power supply components in the charger, low-voltage AC power is converted to electricity and then transferred to the phone. The charger also has a short circuit protection design (add resistance) to prevent voltage is too high, the transmission current is too large. In addition, the circuit part of the phone also has overload protection to ensure the battery life, which is why after the phone is fully charged will not continue to charge.

Current phone charging generally less than 1mA And use the phone while charging the phone, the input current will change. Generally speaking, the current charging standby is 1mA or less, make a call or play games will be improved, but are within the scope of the human body can withstand, of course, strictly speaking, no health benefits.

Cottage charger often lack short-circuit protection So, why would someone play while charging the phone will overheat or fire? There may be a charger malfunction or design flaw. No overload, short circuit protection, when a transformer failure in direct input AC voltage, resulting in excessive current breakdown of the phone. If the phone overload protection design is better, good quality and reasonable battery design, most only would the breakdown phone charging port portion, an insulator has been blocked due to overload the input current. Of course, failure or poor quality of the battery itself is also likely to cause a fire, but the probability is relatively charger is smaller, as is usually caused by high temperature in some external factors, but if the phone circuit design is reasonable, the high current can not reach when the battery protection system will be cut off, the battery itself naturally not fire.
Obviously, whether Apple, Samsung or Nokia durable, there have been phone caught fire, the situation is explosive, but most are from the above reasons, namely the use of non-genuine user charging accessories. If it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, it can only be said to be bad luck to buy the bad quality control of the product, but basically the probability of occurrence of this situation are several thousand parts per million. But having said that, since there is no absolute, so we try not to be in charge when an excessive load operation is the most secure. Also, be sure to pay attention to the use of original spare parts in order to minimize security risks.

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