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How to extend the life of the speaker ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-20

How to extend the life of the speaker ?

For many people to say ,the speakers is necessary

most home computer users, matching is nothing but the sound of it? and for speakers of this product,sual and what cannot be done?


Many people said pot machine, will upgrade speaker products of sound(certainly this General just for in the high-end speaker products......),

this also let many speaker lovers scramble to follow, formed has a unit trend,pot opportunities not upgrade sound, small series cannot determine,

but pot machine and not effect products quality, but, in pot when,also need note, avoid will speaker volume open have too big.

Large volume pot has an impact on diaphragm

When you Bought new speakers, usually in part of the diaphragm,

still relatively tight, only after a period of time after use,diaphragm will loose, if purchased in new speakers with big sound music playback or dynamic,

making the unrecoverable damage to speaker unit, burn up the volume, is tantamount to the candle.

Instant sharp turn up the volume on the speaker will damage

While the same principles in everyday use, don't suddenly increase the volume substantially,

although long-term use, diaphragm of the fit of a higher or more loosely,

but may not be able to withstand the sudden impact of audio signal.

When using the microphone as far away from the speakers as possible

If is match computer using of user, speaker best away from microphone far is,like many computer players, are like video chat, and YY chat what, microphone using frequently,if speaker away from microphone more near, easy in speaker and microphone Zhijian produced voice cycle,then produced high frequency howling, long such using, not only for speaker of unit has effect,for its internal circuit, also also will caused injury.

Best speakers do not place in direct sunlight places such as window

Finally, the speaker placed also needs user attention, with a lot of furniture,keep speakers directly from Sun and rain, after all, desktop speakers, most are for indoor use.