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Mobile Phone industry have less profit ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-21

Mobile Phone industry have less profit ? Depend on the mobile phone accessories to earn money ?

CCS Insight predicts that mobile phone manufacturers will continue to face a marketing dilemma.

As mobile phones businesses profit decreases, in the top ten handset manufacturers, at least three manufacturer's accessories business profits will

be more than mobile phones businesses profit.

The Agency said: "with the Smartphone profits almost no longer exists, major manufacturers like millet, focus on developing branded parts and networking equipment products, these products can bring higher profits. ”

As regards the field of wearable, due to the lack of low-cost pharmaceutical companies of advanced technology,

wearable devices will become part of a prescription. By 2020, the biggest customers of the pharmaceutical company will be a wearable device.

For example, a smart bracelet to remind patients to take medicine on time or according to the patient's signs data suggest a different dose.

In the field of telecommunications, CCS Insight predicts that by 2025 will be integrated into the European telecommunications market 6 or 7 telecommunications operators, Germany Telecom, Orange, Vodafone, and the Yangtze River industrial, Altice and TeliaSonera is expected to lead the telecommunications market.

The Agency believes that, through the bulk purchase of the Yangtze River and industrial and telecom operator America Movil network service, Google will compete with traditional carriers.

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