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It is the truth ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-24
1.when charge the phone ,can the power bank will destroy the phone ?
Most users are now prepared to have a mobile power as cell phones, tablets and other devices, particularly iPhone users, no removable battery design so cellular phone use only about two days ' time, which for a lot of games users, charge faster, this is absolutely intolerable. Mobile power supply is a very convenient tool has become our consensus, but often heard there use mobile power users because bad news rumor-filled cell phone.

A mobile phones ranging in price from hundreds of thousands of blocks, a mobile power in price from dozens of blocks to hundreds of pieces of many types, the difference between the two is great, so many people will have concerns: in case of using the power of dozens of dollars broken filling thousands of phone does more harm than good?

Has many people worried about mobile phone battery bad, the moving power away from ordinary mobile phone users can buy more pieces of mobile phone batteries, but iPhone users do? Tablet users do?

In fact, mobile power is created its most basic function is to charge a mobile phone battery life, so a qualified mobile power interior design is more scientific, rigorous, mobile phone charging and will not cause injury. However, the use of mobile power for charging the mobile phone can be difficult to fully fill, so usually phone charging is to directly use the direct charge method, mobile power as emergency tools to use when traveling is the best choice.