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How to get away from the marketing trouble ? Brand or The quality ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-11-26
For consumers, quality assurance, brand is built on quality based on the basis of, to differentiate from other similar products.

the process of cell phone accessories industry reshuffle, with excellent quality create brand, is undoubtedly a good way to go out marketing dilemma.

But difficulties, especially for domestic enterprise specializing in the production and sales of mobile phone accessories, they must cope with those cheap counterfeit production vendors, parallel traders, on the other hand also to compete directly with the well-known handset makers, Rob from them unoccupied mobile accessories market.

Therefore, for most cell phone accessories, manufacturers, take the road of brand, the price is too high, too risky. Most production, vendors with "can make a crop is a crop of concept of" go, getting into real marketing dilemma when they put down Tiaozi wrap. However, there are some businesses see farther and with more confidence. This year, the "film is" brand as a dark horse, to excellent product quality, innovation and the development of product function and effective brand planning to debut digital world Asia Expo. Analysis of the industry, threw the priest, film is the quality of products aside, its marketing strategy as much as an internationally renowned brand, to domestic mobile phone accessories market with a surge of new blood.

Mobile phone accessories industry reshuffle, businesses face a marketing dilemma all the more prominent. Most enterprises and manufacturers to choose more traditional channels of marketing, marketing investment to open up an outlet. But in the long term, need to advocate for businesses to take the road of brand, to form a healthy and orderly competition in the industry. To the consumer, as long as the excellent quality, reasonable price, I believe that they also enjoy mobile phone accessories industry saw the rise of domestic brands.

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