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How to choose the wireless headset ?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-11-28
How to choose the wireless headset ?

Headset on the market today are divided into two categories, one is a traditional wired headphones, a new technology driven by wireless headphones. Wired headphones there are obvious limitations in the traditional sense, if storage is required or from out of the Pack in his pocket, often render more headphone wires messed up mission unraveling phenomenon.

And when in motion, headphone cable always along the ears hang down, apart from interfering with regular jogging
, easier to accidentally hook onto clothing or ears, form a horror fall planking or ear injuries. In addition, the sweat while jogging through routes to infiltrate phone mini-jack, is cell phone life extension of the cause of death. Therefore, to choose a decent wireless headphones almost imminent.

So, how to choose the wireless headphones successfully when to jogging?

Firstly ,The sound quality of headset

For the purpose of listening to music, sound quality headphones, of course, the most critical. AptX, a professional audio decoding technology, able to transfer CD music lossless compression and reduced version of Bluetooth transmission audio and video playback problems such as delays, staccato music, movies, Caton, ensure that users hear the artists original of all the details.

Secondly ,how long can the the power of the battery keep.

How long the Battery can keep in jogging is also necessary,why ? When you are in the jogging ,but the power of the battery is out of ,which will have a bad effect to your emotion . Wireless Headset battery is currently on the market for more Bluetooth 4.0 specification, version 4.1 and Bluetooth coexistence can be realized with 4G network, coordinate the transmission of mobile phone information automatically, reducing signal interference with Bluetooth 4.1 and stable signals; the other hand improve transmission efficiency, reduce delays, ensure stable transmission audio. More importantly, the Bluetooth version 4.1 lower power consumption to extend battery life, realize the headset for longer playback time, ensure the effect of movement.

Thirdly ,when jogging ,whether the headset can hold on the ear tightly and steadily .

Fourthly ,whether that wireless headset can hold on your ear comfortable ,which is also an important effect to decide the mood of your jogging  .

Last but not the least ,you should consider its durability


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