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How to charge iphone 6s ?

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How to charge iphone 6s ?

The official recommendations for the correct way to charge the iphone 6s  .

 The battery of iphone 6s and will not be demolished, once the battery damage or decay, it can only be replaced. Small series below to charge you iphone6s official proposal greatly entire, together to get to know it!

Optimize your settings:

No matter how you use the equipment, are available through the following two simple ways to save power: adjust the brightness of the screen and using a wireless network connection. Dim the screen brightness or turn on automatic brightness adjustment feature to extend battery life.

1. to Dim the brightness, swipe up from the bottom of any screen to open the "control center", and then drag the brightness slider to the left.

2, "automatic brightness adjustment" automatically adjust the screen brightness according to lighting conditions. To activate this feature, go to the "settings" > "display brightness", open the "automatic brightness adjustment".
Open wireless network in two ways:

1. swipe to open up the "control center", click the wireless network icon, and then log on to a wireless network.

2.go to the "settings" > "WLAN" connection to a wireless network.

Charging cycles you may at any time demand for Apple lithium-ion battery. Before the charge, you do not need to 100% discharge. Apple lithium ion battery charge-cycle approach to work. If you use (discharge) of battery capacity the charge reaches 100%, you complete a charge cycle, but not necessarily by a charge to complete.
After a certain amount of charge, any type of battery capacity will decrease. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery, with each completed charge cycle, and slightly reduced. Apple following the completion of many charge cycles for lithium-ion battery, can at least keep the original battery capacity 80%, varies depending on the product.

Of course ,may be you will have the better way to charge the iphone 6s ,welcome to share with us !


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