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Do you know some detail of the dual usb power bank ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-01

Do you know some detail of the dual usb power bank ?


For the dual usb power banl ,It has two standard USB output interface interfaces indicate respectively the maximum output parameters are available: Blue USB support maximum 5V/2.4A output, black USB support maximum 5V/1A output.

So the question becomes: 1, when we use the blue interface, black interface can I use? 2, use two interfaces to devices at the same time, they can achieve maximum output parameter is how much?

If we use blue when the black interface in use, you can also give a 5V/2.4A input parameter device 5V/1A device added power and an input parameter;

If we use blue when the black interface is not available, total output parameter to prove his two interfaces for 5V/2.4A, we can use a separate charge to the 5V/2.4A input devices, and can simultaneously charge two input parameters for 5V/1A devices.

The need for clear output parameters: 1, using the charged parameters that match the device more secure, avoid charging the device, 2, dual interface charge treasure are likely to need more intelligent allocation of output mode. Suppose a charge treasure for charging two devices at once without intelligent allocation this could lead to inadequate output of the two devices, and intelligent allocation of output is designed to ensure that products with a higher priority needs input power, let users much-needed products to obtain maximum charging speed;

Not clear output parameter of against: some manufacturers deliberately not in output interface Shang SD output parameter, in publicity of when play text game, results user are in buy back products Hou cannot normal using or charging speed had slow, caused not necessary of loss; if was charging equipment of protection function enough perfect, user errors using big current to small current equipment charging, very easy raised had flow, led to equipment damaged.


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