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Have you had a good inspection when get your iphone 6s ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-02
When you have bought the IPhone 6s ,have you had  a good inspection machines new machine yet? 6s, after all, a lot of the new features of 6s if not fully understood, some quality problems have got you don't know!

1. processor
Because used Samsung A9 processor 6s this year may be more power, so the Apple "chips" have OCD and children's shoes, you can use "CPU Identifier" to test!
2. 3D Touch screen
6s this year's biggest selling point is adding a sense of 3D Touch screen capabilities, click the secondary menu appears on the screen or other special function, very easy to use. Without this feature, it must be modified 6 6s or 6s cottage!
Not fit, you can "set--GM---3D Touch-accessibility" adjusting the sensitivity.
3.The Home key is abnormal heat
4. body heat
In General, the new mobile phone 1-2 days after the start, the system will continue to adjust their setting, restore the backup data, mobile phone data integrity is checked, keeps the phone consistently in a State of high workload, the fuselage is also so easy to heat.
5. camera
6s this year also includes "Live Photo" feature, so you must want to test mobile phones can take a dynamic photo.
Front facing camera white light remember to test it!
In addition, remember to take photos like black and white cardboard, light, sensor to test whether there are "bad."
6. screen
Has been a lot of Apple fans to express their iPhone screen than other mobile phones yellow, even "bad", "bright", and so on. Can be applied to black, white, red, green and blue solid color pictures, and zoom to full screen, to check the screen if there are any problems.
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