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How to identify your phone battery is healthy or not ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-03
How to identify your phone battery is healthy or not ?

are all key components of a digital device, not only related to endurance, but also the whole device security key. Judge whether the mobile phone battery is healthy or not ,there are some tips for you to folow :

First, the simplest way is to observe the battery.

If the mobile phone battery removable, is very convenient. Appears white or green, if the battery contacts are corroded tracks, this is the initial sign of battery failure. If the battery began to appear in some parts of a raised, then you should be very careful, do not continue to use it.

Of course, aging batteries formed raised not once a day, if you want to be eliminated as soon as possible, can be rotated test to identify subtle little bulges. Method is simple, find a horizontal plane such as the desktop spin battery, if the batteries rotate quickly, it means that its surface is not flat.
Secondly ,Use software to view the battery health

For some built-in design cell phone, more convenient way of checking through software. If you use the Android cell phone, you can dial-up interface input "*#*#4636#*#*", will be able to enter the engineering interface, locate the battery information entry, you can see detailed battery information, including battery, you can refer to.
If this is the iPhone, you can use some management applications such as iBackupBot, view the phone charge cycles, the actual battery capacity, if fully charged lost more than the original power of the total electricity volume 20%, you should consider replacing the (lithium battery after charging 500 cycles lose 20% capacity).
In addition to the above methods, avoid the use of non-original batteries, cables and charger, is also effective in preventing cell phone fire, explosion. All in all, cell phone as an electronic device at any time, we try to watch some of the details, avoid the cell phone into a "grenade".
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