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Help you distinguish between fake and original iPhone screen

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-07

 Four steps to help you distinguish between fake and original iPhone screen screen  

1. Replacement of mobile phone screens and other fittings are all often, phone accessories order promiscuous distribution on the market, take for instance the common iPhone cell phone screen, ranging in price from more than dozens of more than 1000. Those prices are clearly too "affordable" aside, the price must be genuine? Small series of finishing the following four distinguishing method, let you see through the eyes of a copycat and original screen screen.

2.Drop shape of the screen, or there is no icing. Some said this may not be all right, but this is the most basic, combs of Apple's original factory water film hundred percent, streaking for a long time only where fingers and wear can be a little problem, but not a whole screen drop failed.

3. Next to the glass of the screen below the black seal, remove the membrane seal next to the phone screen touch lower than you, congratulations, you won. Really is flat. Let alone in order to foil, people out there haven't considered the issue of the film.

4.Front camera and glasses empty displacement, the original screen and camera cannot be any mismatch, you can't see things next to the camera.
Front face and side-view of the camera. PCT you front bottom or side view cameras can easily see inside the front camera. But false positive feeling fuzzy, side directly reflective or white, does not know if the glass light transmission rate.

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