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The New Arrival of ZTE Mobile Phone

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-08
The New Arrival of ZTE Mobile Phone

ZTE to launch price of 599 Blade A1, fingerprint machines into "age" era.ZTE Blade A1 look made of a plastic material, equipped with a quad-core chip, 5.0-inch HD screen, 2G and 16G memory storage space, support TF card extension 128G, 800+1300 megapixel dual cameras and 2800mAh battery, preload based on Android5.1 of the Mifavor3.2 system, while supporting dual-card double question and fingerprint recognition. In color, Blade A1 offers a smart white, vibrant yellow, green dream, crisp blue sky five versions to choose from.
To further enhance the security of fingerprint performance Blade A1 in fingerprint processing through hardware encryption can shield reads the fingerprint data without authorization information such as any system, application, and supports unlock 360 degrees freely in any direction. Blade A1 sets available for the user fingerprint to unlock the exclusive privacy, any personal files can be locked by means of fingerprint encryption locks.
ZTE Blade A1 mobile version at $ 599 yuan, net price of 699 Yuan, starting from this afternoon in East Butler and Tencent will be started synchronously online reservation, December 11, at 10 o'clock in the morning launch

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