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Why cell phone power down so fast ?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-12-14
Why cell phone power down so fast ?

Why cell phone power down so fast by using the computer usb charging ?  the answer is simple, because you are not at all likely filled with computer USB output voltage of 5 v is generally very accurate, we feel that the USB charging discontent, because USB output current is small, and the final stage of charging, need a trickle charge. Trickle charge is to cover the battery at full charge capacity loss due to self-discharge. After the battery is fully charged, due to the self-discharge loss of capacity is approximately the nominal capacity of the 5%.
Mobile phone charging principles.

At present, almost all mobile phones are powered by lithium batteries. Seen from the charging and charging of the lithium-ion battery is limited pressure constant flow, is controlled by an IC chip, specifically, is to test the voltage of the battery to be charged, if the voltage is lower than 3V, then hands the opportunity to charge 1/10 of charge current is set current. When the voltage rises to 3V, hand access to the standards of the charging process.
Previously tested media, laptop USB to charge a cell phone, compared with the original charger to charge mobile phones, charging voltage slightly higher, probably for 5V and 4.2V before and after, and slightly lower charging current, and about 190mA and 220mA, but desktop USB, charging voltage at 5 v, while the charge current is increased to 230mA.

So can obtained conclusion, with computer USB to phone charging and with original charger to phone charging, difference just current of different, and charging speed of different just, and security no too big of relationship, even is in charging process in the touch phone, you of hand will has numb sense, also just is induction electric just, this with air humidity and you by wear of clothes has must of relationship, with electrostatic similar, if you really of think not comfortable, so solution method also is simple, will host put in ground Shang can.

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