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What is the fast charge?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-15

What is the fast charger?

Fast as the name suggests is the kind of rapid charging technology, because the standards are not unified, so that there is at present no clear criteria to define the fast charge, it was generally felt that the input speed higher than 5V/2A (10W), they can be fast.

Which devices support the fast charge?

Recently listed most of the high-end phones support the quick charge function (see configuration, iPhone does not support fast charge). Other mobile also supports fast charge function and mobile power fast charge more for two-way fast, mobile power for charging the mobile phone for mobile power supply and its charge very quickly.

Fast charge what principle?
Charging, the charger electric current to the battery and battery stores electrical energy. Under the same voltage, increasing electricity means increased power, so that they can more quickly the battery is full. The same current, increasing the voltage. Mainstream the fast charge technology is by increasing the voltage/current mode charging speed boost.
How fast can fast charge?
3700mAh odd cool mobile case study of flagship, measured by 14% take on full charge time 1 hour 06 minutes, charging for one hour, life literally all day.
The fast charge is the point?
The significance of the fast charge is not just one or two hours charging time, its real effect is changing the habits of our charging habits and the use of intelligent machines. When slow to charge, we can only wait time, so have the bed hooked to the bad habit of charging not only impact on battery life, there may be dangerous.
The fast charge available, even forget charging led low power at night or even shut down, just conveniently plug when you wash in the morning, before you go out will have enough electricity used, no need to worry about electricity shortages delayed the work, also reduced the hanging mobile power down the street.

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