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How to choose the earphones headphone bluetooth headset ?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-12-16

How to choose the earphones headphone bluetooth headset ?

Ear plugs
Small size, easy to carry if you want headphones, ear buds is the best choice. Among them, the earbuds, in-ear-making and non-in-ear, which placed in the ear canal, with better environmental noise suppression effect instead of in-ear is the most common of common earplugs designed, comfort is better.
Is used in many high-end brands of plugs in-ear design, suitable for the pursuit of sound quality and details of the user, but not recommended for outdoor sports wear the headset, because good noise isolation effect may make you ignore the car, accident.
Head-arch headphones
Headphones tend to be more comfortable than ear plugs, better sound quality, some of which support active noise model in the subway for better sound quality in noisy environment. However, they often need to install battery, led headset weight increases may cause some wear problems.
Headphones also have some of the top models, using a static design, compared to common moving coil and moving more upmarket.
Bluetooth headset
In fact, Bluetooth stereo headset with earplugs, headsets and other forms, but canceled the cable design, use the Bluetooth wireless feature to transmit audio. In contrast, wireless transmission will result in quality loss, so is not suitable for hobbyists.

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