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What kind of person you want to be friends?v

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-12-18
What kind of person you want to be friends?

Let us go back to the beginning. First the brain thinking about, what kind of person you want to be friends? Beginning in kindergarten, everyone has some principles of choosing friends-although not knowing. In fact, the uneven distribution of resources, creates a dependency between man and man. Look, you can see the facts: toys in the kindergarten children are more vulnerable to other children as friends. So, toys up to boy friend up? Answer is not sure.
For various reasons, most of life is only a few would like to make friends. But it is also based on a variety of reasons, many people do not know how those few people understand the behavior of most of them.

All of them love and attention and even prefer a Exchange-"fair exchange"

In a sense, while the vast majority of people don't want to admit it, the so-called "friendship" was really just "Exchange relationship". However, if the resources they own enough is not good enough, you'll be more likely to become "copies of" can't do "fair exchange", and eventually become a burden to the other. This time, the so-called "friendship" will slowly die. Also last time, but is more likely to be on the other side to be patient to wait for the next Exchange, in order to achieve "fairness". In the movie the Godfather, coffin shop owner yameili. Bonasera is determined to find the Godfather Don Corleone outlet for him and justice for his daughter when Amerigo is "request". Many years later, the Godfather Don Corleone, and finally in a late-night knock on doors of the Asian-American elder brother ... 

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