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The time will witness the effort you pay .

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-12-21
The time will witness the effort you pay 

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Never without anything to pay. Dreams are left to pay people, but in the end time will not disappoint you every penny paid. Abandoned by dreams or because the pay doesn't match the dream, attempts to use a limited number of pay as a fulcrum, lever the entire Earth; either because too many external causes associated with your dreams, or even if the external cause you pay there is a veto. However, the time is to give witness to the most loyal, you each pay, it doesn't owe you.

But why in the real world, around more and more people are feeling do not necessarily have to pay returns? That's because, on the balance of giving and receiving, we routinely put the only measure in the balance across, which is initially based on the target, which we began to fight for "dream".
However, in reality, about "dreams come true" there are always too many entanglements and conditions. Even if you do enough themselves to have the controlling share of the pay, but you can't control the "dreams come true"-related collisions and other external factors. You pay more, but never gave any commitment. Armed with ambition, and made the effort, but the other end of the scale was not present when the original dream, psychological easy pay imbalance, frustrated that "does not necessarily have to pay a return."